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A list of rebuttals of Anti-Global-Warming-Denier claims.

1. John RENNIE, ex-editor of Scientific American , who weighs in with:

And here is a persuasive & well presented site,  Peter SINCLAIR's  "Climate Crock of the Week":

2. Observing a Climate Crock being Born - Live on TV

3. Debunking the Arrogant Claim that NOTHING, EVER, can be Modelled about the Future

4. Debunking the Claim that CO2 is ONLY Beneficial.

Here are some other pertinent sites:

5. Twenty often used "Denialist Lies", and a thorough debunking of them:

6. Here is a WikiPedia type summary of the "Denialist Strategies" :

7. Here is a summary of current major "Climate-Change-Denier-Liars", and a debunking of them:

8. Here are debunkings of the so-called Climate-Gate affair:

9. And here is a comprehensive debunk of Ian PLIMER's atrocious book <Heaven & Earth>,
page by page, paragraph by paragraph, word by word,  by Mathematician Ian ENTING @UniMelb:

10. The famous GRIST website is a delight, summarising a vast range of Denialisms:

11. Here is the latest from the NASA GODDARD  institute about Measuring Earth's Temperature

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