This is for you -

And this for your dog, or the veiled penguin thing you call a wife -

You are morons. What do you expect if you fire rockets at Israel ? Is there another brain cell to rub against in your head ? And you organise protests, you professional victims you.

Its simple, don't shoot rockets, Israel won't shoot back. Duh.

Wanna quick look at how Palestinians are treated by arabs ?

Be honest. You hate Jews. Just a little bit less than Palestinians.

Palestinians are just an excuse for you to gather in hordes and piss the whole world off, and bomb civilians that have nothing to do with it.

Your world is poison. And you're happy about it.

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Arab countries hold huge oil wealth enough to house and educate every Palestinian and turn their lives around. We hear much popular support for the Palestinian cause but it seems to me that very little real financial support arrives. Other than arms and ammunition.

If only people would realize the benefits of living in peace far outweigh the costs of war.

I have no love for Israel but at least they have not sworn to destroy all Palestinians.

I wonder is Hamas had the arms and power of Israel if they would be so restrained in their actions.
The Arabic world treat Palestinian refugees as less than dogs. Yet are happy to wear a suicide belt into a market full of kids for their cause.

To use a verboten term, Palestinians are 21st century niggers as far as the Arabs are concerned.

Its not a religion, its a disease.


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