Dawkins Dismantles Mormonism & Says Romney Not Fit to Govern With "Barking Mad" Beliefs

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I kind of think that about President Obama also Marcus.

Obama was raised humanist/atheist, and not long after accepting Christianity he began to show interest in public office.  Coincidence?  And when Dawkins evaluates Mormonism, who am I to disagree -- especially when he's dead on.

Both Mormonism and Christianity have beliefs that are barking-mad. The only reason Mormonism sounds crazier is because most of America is Christian so we were inundated with Christian beliefs since childhood, even if you were raised by Atheist parents the culture is saturated with Christianity.

If most of America were Mormon even if you didn't accept that religion the prevalence in the culture would have gotten you used to hearing Mormon beliefs.


You are right Andrew.  It's what we're used to hearing about all the time that makes it seem less normal than other religions.  It's ALL crazy.


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