Dawkins Dismantles Mormonism & Says Romney Not Fit to Govern With "Barking Mad" Beliefs

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I agree Steph and Loren!  I wish more people would come out saying that what Mittens believes is bat-shit crazy!

I thought mormonism was like some sort of big star trek Convention, only with Conastoga wagons and funny underwear.  They don't really take it seriously, do they?

What?  Trekism is a religion to?  

Damn, people are strange!

Yeah Sentient, but there's funny & cool strange, and then there is nucking futs strange.  It's the 2nd kind you don't want running the country! lol~! Melinda

True Melinda - you certainly don't want someone so delusioned to run the country. But it's happened before.

Im less bothered by Romney's religious "beliefs" (If he really believes them), than by his economic ones, opportunism, and lack of integrity.  The country and the world are not ready for Rommunism.


My personal opinion is that he does believe that crap.  He seems dumb. That poster of him is so true.

That's for sure Steph!

I once inadvertently stumbled into a nest of about 200 of them outside of Casper, WY. Big tour buses instead of conestogas. All of them dressed in pioneer costumes (though I didn't peak at their undies). I heard one girl being told she was sinning since her ankles were showing. Another girl yelled at a boy saying, "Mr. Ward's significant wife is looking for you." When they saw my Illinois license plate, I heard grumblings about Carthage and Navoo. I got the hell out of Dodge.
In the words of Beaver Cleaver speaking to his older brother, "It was creepy, Wally."

ha ha ha a nest of them and "It was creepy, Wally."  Love it.

While there is much to criticize in the older religions, the more recently created ones seem even worse. Mormonism with its golden plates, etc. is nonsensical, Christian Science is dangerous, and Scientology is a scam. With all the religions in the world as models of what to include and what to omit, surely someone can do better than Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddy, and L. Ron Hubbard have done.

I want a Raëlian president. 

I have come to the opinion that Obama is a closet atheist.  At any rate, he is a vast improvement over Mittens.  I have never read the book of Mormon, but I have heard enough excerpts  to be totally disgusted by it.  I refuse to be amused.  It's just too creepy


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