silver lining alert - Barton admits to man-made climate change.  i will call this progress.  that he assumes it's God's wrath for allowing abortion in America is, of course, nonsensical.  presumably, Barton seems to think that climate change only affects America.  i would argue that is sufficient evidence that he doesn't know the first thing about the subject.  

the idea of him as a US Senator should frighten the living day lights out of you.  remember, this is Texas.  and he may be challenging the number 2 Republican in the Senate, or as they would call him, an establishment RINO.  but Barton is a Tea Party hero.  he's the lone historian who will cry from the rooftops that America is a Christian Nation.  this man believes that Jefferson was a deeply pious man who was a devout Christian.  lest you forget, his last book got pulled by his own publishing company for dire inaccuracies in his last book about Jeffferson.  

but Glenn Beck is behind him.  as is the Tea Party.  they're begging him to run.  and if he runs he just might win, at least in the primary.  not knowing Texas politics too well, I can't say for sure if he won the primary whether or not a Democrat could pose a serious threat to any Republican senate candidate.  i'm not sure whether the prospect of him running is a blessing or a curse.  

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yeah but... 
condoms will save it f that guy


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