i believe I am the antichrist

The commentaries will help kill a half hour in an amusing manner. The number of people taking him seriously is staggering.

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I like how eager some of the posters are to prove that they are the more likely candidate for antichrist, like it's a job interview. It's both funny and sad that some religious nuts are so desperate to appear important and powerful that they claim to be the second coming, the antichrist, or god himself. Talk about overcompensating! Which gives me an idea...

I've been struggling with this for awhile, but the overwhelming evidence can no longer be ignored; I am the reincarnation of Charles Darwin. My clear and indisputable genetic superiority through thousands of years of natural selection demands no other answer.

Now evolve before me, or become extinctified!
I love the innocent "what should i do" as the first line after the title.
My reply

OK, here is what you do. Go to the grocery store. Get some chocolate cake mix, along with the eggs and milk that you need to make the cake with. Add some cocoa to make it more bitter. Bake it, and your done. That is what Anti-Christ people are supposed to do.


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