funk Q Can you please indicate where I have claimed the term atheism has a clear cut meaning? I am not aware of making such a claim.

Why do you think I created this fucking group ?

Atheism is myopea. It is a cult like any other.

I abandon my mother's apron strings, my crutches of reality. I abort myself with my own coat hanger. I am a CYNIC. Behold, you have no power and I can laugh at you until I vomit. I have no delusions. I have no beliefs - they are transitory and environmental. I live in life's trashcan. The "mehums" fear me. Its because I beat them at poker and effectively live off free beer and cigarettes, and subsidised rent from their "believing" wallets. I go and jerk off at peepshows when my boss pisses me off, or go "offline - in conference" whenever the whim takes me.

I am god free. I am ignorant. I am stupid. I play russian roullette with my life. The first one is the one that counts.


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Sounds like you believe your own publicity. A good start.
5 litres of beer and $500 bucks taken from proles can do that to a man. My apologies. Should put a breathalyser on my PC.
Yeah, you could get RSI from pasting the same promo all over the site too.
Get cancer and die. You got me in a good mood.
Ah, a cynic who has moods, that's what is called hypocrisy. Maintain the rage my furry, green little man.
such a chatterbox too, Greeny!


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