[Due to people's complete inability to follow simple instructions and keep commentary in a single instance of a thread, I have given up. This article is replicated here for anyone smart enough to bang two rocks together and wants to follow all comments]

The futility of using reason against religious loons of all flavours is a recurring theme here. Their defenses are an impenetrable fortress of dogma, rote learned response and circular reasoning that pretty much everyone has encountered and been frustrated to the point of despair by.

This raises an interesting question to me - would a fundamentalist / charismatic / evangelical theist be able to pass a Turing Test if the discussion is limited to religion ? My money would be on them failing.

I think this is a research project worthy of a thesis for any of you that are currently involved in studies that relate to either subject - ranging from philosophy / sociology to comp sci / cognitive technology. And no, I do not consider this a joke - despite how amusing it seems.

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As you often do - you've confused me. I meant would an ordinary person think they were talking to a human or a 'bot if the fundie was at the other end of the wire and the topic was religion, or more specifically, asking for proof and countering with contradiction ?
There - now I understand. My ObscurOmeter is out of whack today.
There's an old saw:

It's impossible to tell the difference between a fundamentalist and a parody of a fundamentalist.

I actually think another truth in these matters is

It's impossible to tell the difference between a fundamentalist and a 'bot doing a parody of a fundamentalist.


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