So as is appropriate, I am starting a discussion rather than posting comments. I was going to go back and look at the original comment that started all the controversy but it has mysteriously disappeared. I would be curious to know if the author is the one who deleted it. It seems to me that he was not treated with respect from the beginning.

Maybe it is unpopular, but I thought he made valid points. I believe the first was a question about why have biological children rather than adopt. The second was concerning respect for children and treating them like people rather than inferior people. I apologize if my summary is inaccurate as the original post disappeared.

My husband and I chose to have two children of our own rather than adopt. I admit that we made that decision for selfish reasons, but my justification is that we are just replacing ourselves. Which is weak, I admit. I would, however, be open to adoption should I want any more children or perhaps under the right unforeseen circumstances.

I think he made several other good points regarding parenting. I do agree that children can learn to control their emotional reactions. After all, how do adults learn it? Hopefully they begin learning it from their parents when they are toddlers.

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this is where those numbers came from:
Wow, that's great!
 LoL!!  Im so superficial.
Change "Eco Depth Gauge" to "Ego Depth Gauge" and change any reference to humans or people to "me" or "my". See where you end up now :) Hahahaha


OK I've been busy moving house and only just got internet back on.... albeit a dodgy connection... on a dodgy computer that i can't work the keyboard... but anyhow....


So have you all worked out the problems of the world now and made up again?


Alice :)


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