Conducting a simple atheist study, need un minuto of your time.

Please answer just this one question.

atheism is:

A. the disbelief of gods
B. the belief that there are no gods
C. Other (explain.)


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I am "A"

A. the disbelief of gods

A) I'm fairly certain this will be almost unanimous

(A): Lack of belief in gods.

Revised A ("lack of belief in deities")

Revised A

Since I left religion, the word "belief" and "disbelief" bothers me as they sound like the acceptance or non-acceptance of something without evidence.  I now say I don't believe anything.  I accept what science has evidence for. 

Because of that, I'm not going to choose between A and B.  As to the official meaning I will say C: Without God. 

However, personally, I say C: I'm almost certain there are no Gods, and live my life not worrying about it.

A: But revised to lack of belief in ANY god.

The religious tend to make semantic arguments regarding "Belief" and "Disbelief". So I try to stay away from them.

A.  I think "disbelief" is the same as "lack of belief", but the latter is more clear.  Correct?


If I had to choose, then revised meaning A.



Revised A

belief that there are no gods except PHYSICS


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