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Concerned Parents for the Castration of Priests

Catholic priests have taken life long vows of celibacy. In light of that, and the ongoing child sex abuse scandals, we demand that the Catholic Church adopt a policy of "if you shouldn't be using them, lose them" for all of it's clergy. Especially those entrusted with minors. It's the only way to be sure.

See if this can go viral.

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"Can't fault the logic", one person said.

Hey, we haven't seen any eunichs in awhile.
Holy shit. That is crazy. Anyone who joins that is a wacko. lol It is mutilation.
Better to make religion illegal to teach to minors, and religious teaching to be treated as fraudulent, IE no one can get paid directly or indirectly to teach anything that is not independently verifiable by science.

That would effectively kill religion.
But Deuteronomy says that if their testicles are crushed or their male members are cut off, they cannot enter the assembly of the Lord. Would that cover castration? It didn't seem to matter when they were creating all those boy sopranoes.
New slogan for the church: "It takes balls to become a priest." (Deut. 23:1)
Deuteronomy or not, don't forget the Catholic Church used to castrate thousands of young boys not that long ago, to populate their choirs. It's about time for the priest to hone their own singing skills ;-)
A group of lonely, old pedophiles?
Males,even though they are castrated, can still do the deed. So I'm not sure how much castration would help.


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