Like the pics thread. But different. No viral spam that has been flooded everywhere (unless it's truly exceptional). Try and surprise us with stuff no one's seen. Appal us. Make us wish we never hit play. Banal inanity will be deleted without notice, as will stuff that violates Nexus / Ning ToS. "Cuteness" will see you ejected from the group. Please include some obscure and unique brief description that will stick in people's minds so they remember what they've seen and so they can find it again.

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This verges on just a little too cutesy to be here.
Found a downloadable copy. It's actually a touching love story. Highly recommended if you want to spend some quality time with that special someone.
Not all old folks suck -

The buttcrusher was great, but the moon landing arrest was the best. Perfectly done.
Must have been the original cast from Candid Camera! I miss that show!!
Comments: That's why when you are tripping on hard drugs you only eat vegetarian stuff. Things that never had faces.

LSD Poe. A whole new genre to be confused about.
What about when alfalfa sprouts scream? Alfalfa sprouts have feelings, too, don't they? I hear they love Beethoven. The only real moral position to take is not to eat.
And don't think you breatharians are off the hook. All those innocent microbes; vegetative cells, spores of bacteria, fungi and algae, viruses and protozoan cysts that you suck into your voracious lungs.
Oh! The humanity microbity!
Jane Austin's Fight Club

Hehehe! That's frickin' great.


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