Like the pics thread. But different. No viral spam that has been flooded everywhere (unless it's truly exceptional). Try and surprise us with stuff no one's seen. Appal us. Make us wish we never hit play. Banal inanity will be deleted without notice, as will stuff that violates Nexus / Ning ToS. "Cuteness" will see you ejected from the group. Please include some obscure and unique brief description that will stick in people's minds so they remember what they've seen and so they can find it again.

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Just an irrelevant song.
I got a bunch of notices of posts today but they're all deleted when I check. Bit of a pain after 5 or 6 times.
OK, looks like someone having trouble getting a video up, I guess. A "publish now" button would be a handy thing.
Sorry for inconvenience. I had problems posting a video. Each time I posted it, it appeared blank. :(
Yeah, thought it was something like that, Ann. :)
Too bad a bit of code couldn't be written so as to not publish a post if the post is blank (or contains a broken link or something).
As regards this, a PREVIEW button or option would be NICE.
Yes, it would be very nice. I'm willing to sign a petition for it. :)
This is why I made the Sandbox. Make as big a mess as you like and no one will laugh at you.
One Word: Frightening!

That makes me just want to sit at home from now on. Jeeezzz!

[Caution: splatter]


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