Like the pics thread. But different. No viral spam that has been flooded everywhere (unless it's truly exceptional). Try and surprise us with stuff no one's seen. Appal us. Make us wish we never hit play. Banal inanity will be deleted without notice, as will stuff that violates Nexus / Ning ToS. "Cuteness" will see you ejected from the group. Please include some obscure and unique brief description that will stick in people's minds so they remember what they've seen and so they can find it again.

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Dear Ann,

[scraped off the comment wall]

Number 3

[scraped off the comment wall]

Jesus has issues (Hungry Beast, posted by Dallas)

[scraped off the comment wall]

Finding Masculine Halloween Costumes For Your Effeminate Son (The Onion)

The muons whispering in my ear told me to bomb that poopy dog!
How is it that someone who has difficulty articulating a coherent statement can tack a "Dr." in front of their name?
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The Grapist

[scraped off the comment wall]

"There's a dick on my back!"

[scraped off the comment wall]

Toilet monster

LOLz. And this is a good reason not to have kids XD
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Beat on the brat

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Perverts in the internet

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PSAs from the future


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