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Only after they've passed through my gut in the form of Fetus Helper.

One can live and hope that Mama's dumbness isn't the default setting in the child.
I can't believe its taken this long to register, but WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING SHE'S WEARING ??? That expression on her face is like she's got a mouthful of cum and is too polite to spit, and too xtian to swallow...
Isn't that standard Republican outfit? Quoting from the comments in the page I linked to:

Anyway, all of this ignores the real issue with this picture: What the heck is the deal with that coat Sarah Palin has on here? She looked really different before the GOP's costume designers started dressing her, didn't she?

Real ? "The title is a bit misleading. None of the songs are for gay dogs. I played it to my dog Princess, and he HATED it."


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