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How many of you are out, all the way, at work?

Where I work I have a few close coworkers who know my religious views (or lack thereof), but in general no one has a clue, including my direct supervisor and the other two people who work in my department. Now my boss is a very nice woman and though she is religious (i.e. goes to church) she does not proselytize, but she does insert such things as "You just never know what the good lord has in mind" into conversations occasionally (but not often). I like her so much, and we're actually fairly close in other regards, that a part of me wants to clue her in about my feelings on the matter...but then another part of me thinks that might be a really stupid thing to do.

I guess I tend to think of this as being similar to discussing one's sex life: Just because other people do it doesn't mean I need to--especially at work. But then I also feel more than a bit disingenuous for keeping what is really an important topic (atheism, not my sex life) so quiet that it almost appears as though I'm ashamed of it.

WWMFAD? is what I wanna know.

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You are very fortunate, Meddlesome! Wish most of the world were like your workplace. But for most of us it is the old question of whether or not we are accepted as Members of the Club. That mentality pervades and dominates virtually ALL human collaborations, groupings and organizations. People want to work with others who are essentially just like them, with littel cutesy, quirky non-threatening idiosyncrasies being the only acceptable deviations. It's remarkably silly how powerfull that proclivity is. Lucky are those who work in a field or environment where their talent is regarded as more important than their persona. I am glad you have such an experience; perhaps this is an index of a slowly shifting outlook in the Zeitgeist - I sure hope so!
I'm out when the subject comes up. Then I get the look of surprise and after that, the subject is dropped. It never really comes up again after that with the same person; I think people are more uncomfortable with it than I am. I am a nurse, also, like unholyroller. I have to say, her advise took me back a bit. I hope its just your neck of the woods where people are so vindictive. I haven't had any trouble.
My boss is an atheist. Everyone else at my work believes in sky wizards. I'm well liked at my work, but I often wonder if that would change if they knew i didn't "believe".
Why wonder when you can find out?

Enjoying mystery for the sake of it is more of a space-cadet occupation.
yeah, you're right. I won't hide it if it's ever brought up.


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