Come on atheists! You know the saying, "If you can't say anything nice..."

I am new to the Athiest Nexus. I've been on maybe a week or two. The discussions and blogs are fun to read, even if I don't have anything to add to them.
However, I feel a bit disheartened when I read someone responding to a discussion or blog with negativity towards someone. It makes me not want to respond to anything because I didn't come here to have people bash my grammar or point their finger and laugh at me when I don't know much on a subject I try to discuss.
Does anyone else agree?

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It's reflexive for most people to try and dominate others. I just try to be strong and handle power struggles with grace. It involves a lot of patience and discipline to still my pride - and not fight back with vulgar ways.

When things get dirty, then wit is a fantastic tool for putting petty tyrants in their place. Tear an enemy down by making him or her look like a fool, get your revenge, then drop them like their hot and find like minded people so you can live life in an environment that encourages you to be yourself.

Welcome to AN :)
Hi Chanda.
Tanks awot.
Welcome to AN :)


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