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I think one of the things that we far too often overlook in this country is that fact that genital mutilation of newborn boys is common practice, if not standard. Why isn't there more of a cry against this? Do the benefits of circumcision (if any, and I don't see any valid argument that there are any) outweigh the cost and mutilation of a boy?

Of course circumcision isn't the only genital mutilation in the world, but it's the only type in practice in the United States. Female genital mutilation is just as barbaric, if not more so. Americans, and Europeans in general, ban female genital mutilation of babies, but why the hypocrisy in not doing the same for males?

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My youngest went through a stage of fascination about my circumcision. I would try to explain it to him, but his takeaway was always they cut off half my penis. Once in a very crowded public restroom, when we were taking our turn he started pointing and saying loudly "why did they cut off your penis?" That was a little embarrassing.
That is so cute! :)

I bet they are very proud and happy children.
"our weiners likely weren't going to show up in the family photo." - perfect response. and funny. Being a grouchy guy, I would like to ask them why they are concerned about what your son's willies look like? What is their fascination with that?

Poor guy wouldn't be able to do this video without a foreskin.
What's beautiful about the video (which has been pulled by YouTube many times) is that ir really does illustrate how foreskin works. The feeling it gives gliding over the corona is absolutely awesome and more than enough to induce orgasm. Another way intact guys can easliy climax is through light tickling of the frenular area of the foreskin (connective tissue on the underside near the glans). Neither of these involve directly touching the glans. This news freaks out cut guys who will inist until the day they die "NO, the glans is the most sensitive part."

Sorry, Bro. The foreskin you've lost was your best part.
The way you talk about it I'm surprised intact guys make it to the bedroom at all. Are there any stats on comparative endurance?
I've known uncut guys who were minutemen too, and some circumcized guys who lasted a long time.
Absolutely, rules do not apply 100% of the time. There is always some sort of response bell curve/Gaussian curve, and it's not the 90th percentiles or the standard deviations that matter, but how far away from the average those two curves compare to each other.
^^ Are there any stats on comparative endurance? ^^

There are. But like many comparisons of populations the bell curves overlap far more conspicuously then they diverge. If I am recalling well, one study said average duration of penetrative intercourse was like 2:45 for cut vs 2:36 for intact. I think the time until the male was ready for another round favored the intact guy, however.

Of course according to one sex therapist who was recently on Dr. Victoria Zdrok's show, "there is no such thing as premature ejaculation. Climax occurs when it is inevitable. It's only premature if one partner stops trying to please the other before he or she has had enough."

To compare just the duration of intercourse ignores the cut men who go completely and forever limp at a younger age than intact men. It also ignores the fact that (at least in my case) sex with foreskin is like a luxurious massage that I'm in no hurry to end, whereas cut sex was a mad rush to build up to enough stimulation so I was feeling something. My wife would get rubbed raw and need days off. Now that I've restored she still gets "mutiples" as often as she has time for and we're having the best sex of our lives, more often than any time in our 19 year marriage.
Hey there, Poster Boy for restoration :)
Absolutely wonderful. Next time my friends are pregnant with boys, I'll make sure they see this!

Belgium is my favourite country for many reasons: best beer, best fries, best mussels, great movies, great bands,

Now I add this to the list :)


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