I have passed this sign for about 8 days now. It didn't bother me at first but after passing it many times it's starting to get a little demeaning. I'm sure that I am not the only non-theist who is offended by this sign.

"God without man is still God-
Man without God is Nothing!"

Notice the exclamation mark at the end. That really twists the knife a bit to me. I am very far from having nothing. I feel like life has blessed me, I have many wonderful friends and a wonderful woman to share my life with. There are also the things that I own that I am very thankful for except I don't think they are speaking of material things. I have worked hard to earn respect and trust... This sign spreads the thought of looking down on atheists. The God virus is out of control. So anyway, what would you tell this offensive organization to make them understand that this is totally untrue? I am considering placing a letter in the door containing our viewpoint. Would you recommend this or is there a better way?

Thanks for all input.

Notice the attachment below, it contains the picture of the sign.

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Who are they trying to convince, me where they have no chance or the congregation which are starting to stray. I see this as a scare tactic.
I suspect they may be trying to convince themselves that they are doing a good job of
proselytizing. I imagine the pastor thinking,
"What should a good church manager be doing? What will impress the congregation that I'm a good director of this church. I could visit the homeless people living under the bridge downtown and bring them food, but that's expensive, dangerous, a lot of work, and not very visible. Or I could post a witty sign on the front lawn - or even ask a volunteer to post it for me. Hmmmmm, tough choice . . ."
Man - God = 0
Man = God...
God - Man = God
But God = Man
God - God = God
which is only possible when God = 0

Therefore, God is Nothing

It's simple maths...


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