It is happening in England where it is so obvious.

When will something similar become obvious in North America?

The Church of England is just 'one generation away from extinction', the former Archbishop of Canterbury said yesterday.

Lord Carey laid the blame at the feet of Church leaders who he said should be 'ashamed' of their failure to bring youngsters into their services.

His stark message was echoed by the Archbishop of York, who told the General Synod that compared to the need to attract new worshippers, 'everything else is like re-arranging furniture when the house is on fire'.

The Most Reverend John Sentamu told the Synod – where leaders will debate how to persuade traditionalists to accept women bishops – that they spent too long 'arguing over words and phrases, while the people of England are left floundering amid meaninglessness, anxiety and despair'.

Lord Carey, who stepped down from Lambeth Palace in 2002, remains among the most high-profile campaigners for Christianity in the country.

He said: 'We ought to be ashamed of ourselves. We are one generation away from extinction – if we do not invest in young people there is going to be no one in the future.'

The series of high-level warnings about a looming crisis comes at a time when  Christian belief and the Church of England appear under attack on a number of fronts.

Recent census figures have shown a decline of more than 10 per cent in a decade in numbers of people who call themselves Christian, and the courts have rejected a series of pleas from Christians for respect from the law for their beliefs.

There's more good news to read, see some statistics at 

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i'll give you a big reason - land.  Europe is much more densely populated than America.  we have vast swaths of open country where people live in small isolated towns. with no new voices entering their closed system it's the intellectual equivalent of inbreeding.  people simply don't migrate to those types of towns so they stay epistatically closed. 

meanwhile in large cities people get exposed to all sorts of worldviews as people migrate for better jobs and schools.  we intermingle with those who have different perspectives which forces us to keep our minds open. 

again, this is not a 100% explanation but i think it's a big piece of the puzzle.

 A damned good point, Matthew.  Combine social with geographical isolation and, at least in the case of some places in the US, people start to think that the entire US looks like their one little corner.

Those little pockets desperately need to be broken up, or at least have some fresh air breathed into them.  Just how we do that, I'd love to know.

it's already happening.  just like most Fox News watchers these towns are dying off.  younger people flee those towns in droves once they are old enough, and most find their way to cities.  i think the internet is a driving force in this regard as well.  not only are youngsters exposed to life away from their small hamlet, but they also use it to find jobs in places that, you know, have jobs.  urban blight and flight has morphed into urban sprawl and renaissance.  after 2-3 decades of suburbanization in America, we are again returning to cities.  eventually, those small towns will go the way of coal and steel towns of the 70's. 

Matthew, your response on "America's obsessions" almost has me rolling on the floor laughing. That's because what you say is very true. It must be very strange for people of other cultures to become aware of this. Back when "Lavern and Shirley" was popular on TV, the show was aired in some countries with a disclaimer at the beginning explaining that "these 2 women have escaped from an insane asylum." Maybe all the Islamists could enjoy it that way.

In America today everything is about money and keeping the public entertained without allowing them to know what is really going on. In the future maybe Britain and the rest of us can "escape from the insane asylum."

and you had me laughing out loud at your Laverne and Shirley story (which i did not know)! 

While the Brits are at it, why no abolish the Royals?

Could we just arrange a trade?  We can give them the entire Kardashian litter, and we'll resettle Will and Harry to California. 

"that they spent too long little 'arguing over words and phrases, while the people of England are left floundering amid meaninglessness rational, anxiety calm and despair confidence'."

I see why this needs to stop immediately.


About damn time.


We cant allow that. We have already let one Dodo go extinct.


That is good news if it is true that religion is on its way out in England. I hope that can happen here sometime in the future.


When applying to get into St Peter's College at Oxford University in the 1950's, one line on the application form asked for "Religion"

So, I wrote C of E. 

St Peter's was run by christians who would have thought I meant Church of England, but I had been an atheist and critic of the establishment since childhood.. 


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