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Hello all, christians and muslims both believe in the virgin
birth of Jesus, isnt it possible that mary was having an affair and she
accidentally got pregnant?, but since she knew the people that lived
back then were a superstitious gullible lot, she came up with the lie
that it was god that made her pregnant and the fools believed her,

i personally think she was a really smart woman because up till today her lie is still believed by christians and muslims

if she was alive today she will be a very good politician,

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I don't think many here will get that but, GOOD POINT!
...was Mary a whore?

Seriously? This is the topic, and phrasing, for your first post on A|N?

Try fishing elsewhere, troll.
if you dont have anything to add then go fuck yourself!!!dumb dick head
Firstly: Stephen - do you know CNA is a troll? Maybe a question of intention could have been a better way?

I don't know, but I do suspect; as you write, people do come looking for trouble. And the OP is classic baiting. CNA's response to me only strengthens my suspicion. I will be quite happy to be proven wrong in my assertion, and welcome CNA to A|N, but with such an inflammatory OP as a first post to the site it is up to CNA to demonstrate their good intention.

Can we all just... get along?

i guess my reply came in a little late...i apologised for my harsh words...and am sorry...peaceout...and yes we can all get along

once again sorry mate
"Can we all just... get along?" To answer your question Stephen, NO! We can't because we are members of the human race and "getting along" is not in our nature!
okay i apologise for my harsh my apologies to everyone and stephen moore...

my main reason for signing up to this site was to get in touch with other nigerian atheists...and i have contacted a few of thats why i am not an active poster here because i didnt really sign up to get into debates just wanted to hook up with other atheists based in nigeria..

once again my apologies to stephen moore and everyone else
the reason why i was looking for nigerian atheist was because i have never met anyone here in nigeria, i believe we are all in the closet because it could be dangerous to comeout especially for me as an ex muslim(i still have to go to the mosque 5 times a day) i signed up here so that i could get in touch with other nigerian atheist and hopefully hook up so that i wont be lonely and i will have other nigerians to call and discuss religion with!!!
like i said i have found a couple and i was able to meet up with one here in abuja through this site so am really glad am not alone and i have others i know who share the same views on religion with me

but i hope to get involved with the discussions here more often
dont worry about me glen am doing a pretty good job covering my one knows i am an atheist except for the few nigerian atheist i have found online...i also hide my godless books by the likes of dawkins, victor stenger, carl sagan, hitchens etc in the ceiling/roofing of my house so that family members never come across them...i plan on moving the books to an atheists friends house who stays alone soon...
and as for pretending to be a muslim...i am good at it...i sometimes appear more devout that some of the even get praises for it by other
"i sometimes appear more devout that some of the even get praises for it by other"

DAMN I love a good spy!
"I realize that you want to join local groups but until we all realize we are a world and must work together we are doomed."

Well, in that case, we ARE doomed!
No worries. And I admit I was somewhat rash with my troll comment, and apologise to you CNA.


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