These are comments on transsexuals from xtians on another site. Yes, they are taken out of context, but they will make you laugh, or cry, or scratch your head. They are scary!


Why some are born with mixed body parts? Why does God allow these things to happen?

Many are born into this world with horrible consequences. I believe it is the devil's work. Some how, some way, many are born from man's sinfulness with repercussions. Some are born with many of us wondering "why?"

Why does God allow babies to be born with fetal alcohol syndrom and suffering a life of confusion.

Many are born with handicaps, physical and mental. My sister was both. But my Dad always said they are put here for a reason......for US to take care of.

Those with transgender along with every other debilitation, it is a sad case of the devil's mutilation trying to mess up God's goodness and perfection.

But our loving Lord cares. He always has a reason for everything and He always brings good out of everything.

He blesses us with wonderful medical care, ever bringing us more advancement. If someone is afflicted with this abnormality, I don't see why they cannot use what God has blessed us with and repair what gender they choose.

Some people choose to remain what they are and fix their eyes upon Heaven. Trusting in their Lord, instead of adhering to our short earthly life.


Not necessarily related, but certainly tangential:

1. Homosexual behavior is sinful. We can discuss why, but I don't want to start if we can just agree.
2. The human body is worthy of special respect as the vessel of the human soul and intellect, which are created in God's image.
3. The Incarnation makes the human body worthy of even greater respect, because it bore God's Son, not just God's image.

To alter the human body medically and surgically to make it easier or more pleasant to use it to engage in homosexual behavior is, therefore, very, very wrong. Now, some may say that those alterations are treatments for legitimate disease. Similar examples would be that disease in which an XY person can't metabolize testosterone at all, and so develops with very female characteristics; also people can be born XXY. These chromosomal diseases are treated with hormones and surgery. Others would say that people desiring to undergo transgenderization do not suffer from a legitimate disease, but are, again, altering the human body medically and surigically to make it more pleasant to use their bodies to engage in homosexual behavior.


Our bodies actually aren't just vessels for our souls. They're part of who we are. Angels are just spirits, neither dying nor being resurrected. People are soul and body composites, and our eternal life is eternal life of the body as well as the soul. The body has spiritual significance. "Male and female He created them" - their souls and bodies.

I said above that maybe a real disease underlies transgenderization. I guess now I'm saying that traditional Christian faith excludes that possibility.

Transgenderization sure is a paradoxical idea. First, it requires a belief in male souls different from female souls. Then it acknowledges male bodies different from female bodies. Then it says they can be put together wrong, but the body is so unimportant, it can be remade so the person is put together right, but so important, this treatment should be done. Fascinating.

Those not liking this view of Genesis 1 and 2, or of the Incarnation and adult Christian anthropology, could consider the long ensoulment debates underlying the Christian right's stance on abortion. Against theories suggesting the soul exists before the body, and other theories suggesting the soul begins to exist after the body, Christians decided the soul and body come to be simultaneously. That shows the necessary connection between the "two" right there. Augustine of Hippo's and Thomas Aquinas's reasoning isn't based in Genesis, but philosophy we ought to be able to argue to non-believers.


Those that don't and flaunt it, are sinning, and yes will be condemned. I say that, Scripture says that.

No, those that Jesus healed, always wanted to be healed, they either cried out to Him, touched His robe, or He chased the demons out them because they could no longer speak for themselves.

If a transgender wanted nothing but a sexual relationship with the same sex that he/she has become, then that would be homosexual.

Yes I would picture Jesus turning away if one was flaunting this relationship or on a gay pride parade float. But I would also picture Him weeping.


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It's interesting that in Iran of all places, homosexuals are often encouraged to undergo gender reassignment surgery. For some, at least, it is a better option than being raised above a jeering crowd by their necks. Iran was one of the first countries to allow transsexual marriages, It funds gender reassignment surgery in part and has more such surgeries than any other country in the world except for Thailand. All of this is based on a fatwa by Ayatollah Khomeini of all people, which ruled that transgender, unlike homosexuality, is an illness that can be cured.

Some links:
Thanks for the links. I had no idea!
That is a very homophobic view on the part of Iran, but of course, we already knew they were a homophobic culture. Sad.
I think its mostly a bizarre view that indicates the dissonance between rigid religious laws and any human feelings they may have when faced with reality. Iran is incredibly homophobic and it pushes its gay community into an unimaginably deep closet. As often happens, when confronted with a familiar face who happens to be gay, they get all flustered and try to create all sorts of baseless distinctions, such as homosexuality is a sin, while transgender issues are an illness.
Human rationalizations for distrust, hatred, and fear are astoundingly stupid--and harmful.
Yes I would picture Jesus turning away if one was flaunting this relationship or on a gay pride parade float. But I would also picture Him weeping.

This made me giggle.

Christians need to shut the fuck up. If one's first premise to anything is, "god made it that..." one needs to re-examine one's argument. Every single thing up there comes from an unproven or unreasonable premise and builds mind warping constructs from it.

Transgenderization? Ensoulment? Undergo surgery to make homosexual behavior more pleasurable? What the fuck is this shit?
Christians need to shut the fuck up.

If only they would!

What the fuck is this shit?

Inanity! Nonsense! BS!


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