The first comes via Hemant Mehta's website "The Friendly Athiest".  These are actor readings of posts from  Christian forums (fora?).



After watching this about 5 times - the silent actor is as effective as the "mom")


I'm addicted!

Oh Wow!

"Is there some medicaments I can eat to make sure my child is pure?"

Had to share!

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This has got to be some of the funniest stuff I have seen in a long time. I think the one that takes the cake is the one talking about apes. "Nobody ever caught an ape" . I guess she never went to a zoo. As funny as these videos are, It gives one pause to thinks that  real people actually wrote into forums with these concerns or comments.

It looked to me the actress had to restrain herself from laughing. Or she was portraying the smug stupidity of the original poster. Almost a Mona Lisa smile. It amazed me they werent laughing throughout!

They probably had to do many takes before they could do it without laughing hysterically!

Funniest thing ever! Thanks for sharing.
The ignorance caused me physical pain, especially the second to last one.

Now that I know deleteing the 10 commandments is an illegal act, I want to join an expedition that is trying to catch an ape. Maybe we can really catch one this time.

The ape argument sounded very familiar .... I think I've debated that person before. Lol

I watched another video, with atheists asking christians questions.  One of the questions was:


"If god created man from dirt, why is there still dirt?"


So perfect.  I wish I was that clever.

That's great! I need to remember that one.

Well if god created woman from man's rib, why do men still have ribs? Or why are there still men?

These are great, by the way. Thanks for sharing!

Funnest thing I've seen!

can't stop LOL

Are these real forum posts?  Too sad.


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