The first comes via Hemant Mehta's website "The Friendly Athiest".  These are actor readings of posts from  Christian forums (fora?).



After watching this about 5 times - the silent actor is as effective as the "mom")


I'm addicted!

Oh Wow!

"Is there some medicaments I can eat to make sure my child is pure?"

Had to share!

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Daniel, these are funny. You make me want to check out You Tube stuff again.

It's hard to see what the concern is over the 5 year old wanting to give flowers.

Then you have the wife not sure on wanting children because one of the husband's relatives turned out gay.

Do these people even have a brain? Are they all afraid to go outside in the morning? Where does their flawed logic come from, John Johnson? LOL

"Where does their flawed logic come from?"

religion.  duh!

At least he wasn't wanting to buy flowers for another boy.  Imagine the horror!

Sorry I am late to the party.  I didn't sign up until 2014.  I had no idea there was a safe haven for me.

YouTube Christians are (maybe still) really horrible in the treatment of atheists.  If a Christian cannot out debate you or change your mind, you will be damned to hell with a side of terrorist threats. Even the Friendly Atheist's videos are inundated with rude Christians typing out threats of eternal damnation (ok, whatever) to "Iama gonna find you and blow your head off." Peacefully religion and followers, really?

Some are showing signs of stocker-like aggression that spills over in to the regular internet. That is the reason why I opened a sock-puppet gmail account.  I was tired of being harassed on my primary gmail account.  The vocal Christian lunatic fringe is now the majority.  Maybe it is worse for me since I am female.

If Christianity needs this much dictatorship inspired behavior to continue, that is the first clue that it needs to be discontinued.

Dougibert, I'm glad you found us!  AN is a safe haven!  Join in and meet all the great Atheists here! Welcome!

Medicaments...ROFLMAO (gasp for air while trying to type) no use have to quit still laughing. 

These are funny. Thanx dude

good times.. new media. ; )

I just saw these Daniel~ hysterical!!!!  I can't wait until my daughter wakes up so I can show them to her!  Thanks for posting them. :)

Thanks, a good morning smile.  

Any follow-up reply videos?  

You've got me wondering what foods they suggested to the lady, what not to eat and the reason why. It would be a jaw dropper funny video.

(Also wondering how the kids grow up seeing the world around them with parents like these.  Do they just grow up keeping the cycle of same thinking repeating to their kids?)

Jim, thanks!  I looked for updates or additional videos but so far no.  I hope they do more, these make me laugh over and over again.

These are absolutely hilarious. I just played them for a friend of mine and all she could do was face palm, in between fits of laughter.


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