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If you had to choose a theocracy to live in which would you prefer? Personally, Islam would always be my least desirable option.

I understand that none of us would prefer to be forced to live under and submit to the ideology chosen by another person; we want that "none of the above" option. This question isn't about that though. This question is intended to force you to consider which religion is the most dangerous, the most detrimental.

American atheists seem to be generally ignorant about Islam and it's increasing threat, not only to freedom from religion, but to freedom of any kind. This is evident by the relative lack of discussion about Islam on the Atheist Nexus. If you are ignorant (which is no bad thing unless it is intentional) then I urge you to research the Islamization of Europe and the state of affairs in Islamic countries in Africa, the Middle East, and around the world. Below are a few resources which will hopefully inspire/incense you into doing this.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy: Inside a school for suicide bombers

Pat Condell on Islam

Pat Condell on the ground zero Mosque

I don't necessarily argue that we should be using the cold-war era tactic of buttressing the position of the church in the home and in the government. I do strongly argue that we should identify the greatest threat to our freedom and we should not simply speak up about it but act, with hostility if necessary, against any threats to our freedom. Islam respects nothing but force and if we continue to allow it to make inroads in positions of power and culturally then we will be left with absolutely no recourse but violence. Act now if you prefer a non-violent solution because there may come a day when that option no longer exists.

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If someone put a gun to my head or my family's heads, I can fake any woo. I'm sure there's many people living this way around the world now anyway. Mine or my family's ultimate survival trumps principles. We only get one life to live. If I had a choice though (of which gun to the head), I'd pick Christianity. My knees can't take praying on them 5 times a day.
My knees can't take praying on them 5 times a day.
Just a hair of an elephent.
"If someone put a gun to my head or my family's heads, I can fake any woo."

Can you also participate in stoning the neighbor's wife for not dressing modestly enough, require your wife to cover her body if she leaves the house, give up alcohol, art, books, and freedom of speech? Can you fake all that?

The USA isn't in danger of becoming a theocracy any time soon. If Sharia law is instituted in even a small neighborhood though, as is happening in Europe, then hold on to your hat.
I think the US IS in danger of becoming an informal theorcracy. You already see it with the Christians. I think in Europe the danger there is mainly the Muslims. The Catholics arent that good either but not as bad as the Muslims.
Then I guess if someone is pointing a gun at my 9 year old daughter's head, I should just let them blow her brains out. My principles are so much more important than her life, right? I guess all the millions who are secretly living under oppressive regimes now should just take a bullet to their head and stand up for "freedom". Show their oppressors a thing or two.

The USA isn't in danger of becoming a theocracy any time soon. Do you ever seeing it becoming a theocracy? Do you ever see 38 states voting to overturn the First Amendment? This whole "Give me liberty or give me death" scenario is way over the top. All I did was state it would take a gun to my head to even choose a religion (your original scenario) and how I ultimately valued mine and my family's lives over principles.
"Do you ever seeing it becoming a theocracy?"

Sure, I can envision that possibility. I don't think it would take any states voting either. These things happen gradually. Our freedoms have been continually eroded in the name of security and capitalism. What weight would the constitution have if/when the USA joins the European Union or another world government. Very little. I don't consider myself a paranoid conspiracy theorist but I am a realist. I suspect it will happen sooner or later.
I don't know about that. I've been in the position of having to bend over backwards to placate someone else and that was NO kind of life at all. My lesson learned was that it's more important to stand up for yourself than to merely survive - you will inevitably regret it otherwise.
Islamic religious terrorism as we know it began in the early 1980s in response to events in Iran and Lebanon.

That's the 'Western' view. Russians would tell you it began in the late 1970s, and that the Afghan mujahideen were to the USA, Afghanistan and the USSR what Hezbollah is to Iran, Lebanon and Israel. While to Arabs, modern religious terrorism began in 1980 with the Egyptian Islamic Jihad.
And the British will tell you it began in the 1740's in the north west Indian frontier. Others will claim over 900 years ago with Hassan-i Sabbah.
I assume Danny's 'as we know it' means 'in our lifetime', or at least implies a continuous history up to the present times.
"As we know it" was only due to lack of suicide belts, not intent. To be fair, if there were airplanes a 1000 years ago, I would expect there would also have been xtians flying them into Mecca.
Sure. You can always find volunteers for martyrdom, at any point in history. But it's the ideologues and organizers who shape terrorism, and the history of active terrorism has its highs and lows. It's neither continuous nor homogeneous. The brand of Islamic terrorism we have seen for the last 30 years is specific enough to warrant special scrutiny (Qutb et al. notwithstanding.)

By the way, I remember yourself categorized it as crypto-marxist, but I doubt you'd assign this label to the Deobandi or Alamut assassins.


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