Well, err, no... Her mother claims she's psychic. The kid just hears imaginary voices and wouldn't have a clue what a psychic was without careful guidance.

UPDATE: Youtube video: (and APAC atheists thread)

Ch 7 comes up with the goods again - free advertising for a nutjob (who, SURPRISE, has an American accent) who has convinced her little girl she can talk to dead things. No video yet - I watched it on teevee. It makes you want to hit things. Will be on YouTube sooner or later, and probably on the TT website.

Of course, she has a website. Of course, there is a link where you can buy the book. And of course, you can pay for personal "spiritual" courses and seminars.

One slight positive note - the TT page for this has links to Australian Skeptics and the James Randi challenge.

You can leave your comments and queries about why a current affairs program is providing free advertising to mumbo-jumbo peddling parasites that prey on the vulnerable here.

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Lloyd: we don't got no accents, do we??

Absolutely not. And you spell everything correctly and drive on the right side of the road. And Budweiser is real beer.

This is child abuse pure and simple - the kid is being coached and screwed up and will grow up to be a basketcase unless she's clever enough to snap herself out of it. The kid deserves pity. The mother needs a bullet.
To clarify the American accent thing, the mother put that horrible shiver up my spine that only Shirley MacLaine can.
Their webpage is absolutely stomach churning. This child is being abused for a full scale, national business thieving money from the feeble and brainless. But this takes the cake - they're recruiting other kids:

Are you a kid like me with a special ability or a vision to help make the world a better place?

Join me and become a part of my special family helping people find their happiness.

Email me and tell me about your story (email Emily)
We're taking it up locally.

What are your suggestions ?
Updated: video imbedded to original post
She's going to become another Sylvia Brown.

Scary? Yes! Singular? No, sadly not at all. Just search for the term "indigo children" on youtube or google. There even is a wikipedia page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigo_children

There can not be said much positive about that. Except maybe they can't possibly be creationists since they think their children had a sudden spark of evolution which gave them all the third eye.
This should be required reading for people that argue that New Age spirituality isn't as dangerous as old school religion.

If this kid really is hearing voices, she's got a problem that needs to be addressed.
If she's not hearing voices, her mother needs her ass kicked for teaching her this nonsense.
Especially since she's being taught she's only special because of her magical abilities. So when she grows up and her magic abilities are challenged, she's going to end up doubly screwed up.

Were I near that class, I'd gleefully pay 25 bucks to frustrate the shit out of that woman.


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