Are there any more of us in the Chico/Paradise/Oroville CA area that would like to start a Skeptics in the Pub...or similar?

Let me know, I am feeling rather alone :-)

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Sara, you might get more traffic to your post if you moved it to the "Water Cooler" category, and/or "Atheism". I'd suggest also joining some of the California groups and posting your question there. There's also a CA group on the second page of that search.
Thanks! I took your suggestion! Im also going to check out the CA group.
You're welcome! I hope this nets you some local contacts.
I'm in Chico and I'd love to find others interested in starting an atheist/free thinker group of some sort. There are two other Chico folks listed in the California Atheist group. Maybe we can contact them and try to arrange a meeting. Do you know if there is a student atheist group at Chico State?
I dont think there is a atheist/skeptic group at Chico State. But I bet we can get something started. Il get back to you monday morning, hopefully with an idea. :-)
Great! I bet there are other Chico atheist/free thinkers among friends on various social networking sites.
I live in Gridley, but could be down for a meet up if we all get something going in Chico. whatevs...just glad to have a forum in which to communicate w/ like-minded people locally, even if it is online. There's a whole lotta Jesus goin' on in good ol' G-town. hehe
Sorry, I'm in Nor Cal, but coastal. Good luck on finding others in Chico though. It sucks to feel like the only skeptic in your town.
I'm so busy these days, but will try to organize something after Burning Man.
I'm here too! Gimmie a shout if y'all are doing anything in Chico!
I will pm all Chico peeps on A|N after Burning Man (week after labor day) to organize a get together at one of the downtown watering holes. La Salle's would be nice, but it should be somewhere where you can carry on a conversation too ;-) Got a facebook page up and running, will have a meeting within the next two weeks. Yay! Come join! :-)


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