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That is brilliant! Been a long time since my high school chemistry course.
Yes it was...Thee us a similar one which is a cartoon...Also very well done
OMG I think I just thought up a new holiday!

Everyone wears an element symbol, reads up on what their element will bond with and how, and acts as if they are that element.

It would be the most freaking educational holiday EVER!
Woo! Now I've got a head start on my chemistry class this fall.
I wish all classes could be taught like that
Why are three dimensions important in chemistry?
I want to know what anyone else thinks, or whether.
Well done! Though I'd like to see an unabridged version. I'd even pay to see it played out on a stage.
I'm going to show this to my buildings science teacher.
I didn't like it. It doesn't explain why any of those things happen, so it's not memorable. Also it's inconsistent in its representation of atoms: at first, each atom is one person, but then water is represented by one person instead of three. It exists for humour purposes, not educational purposes... and it wasn't very funny.


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