Once in a while it's fun to look at some of the kookier religious websites to see what fantasies are current. Rapture Letters, a site that allowed you to post a message to those left behind after you were raptured, has shut down just a week ago, but it was a great source of fun while it lasted.

Here is a site that shows what kind of a mansion you can expect to inhabit in heaven depending on the degree of your faithfulness.


None of the places pictured are particularly attractive and there are no details  included of square footage or what kind of counter tops the kitchen has.

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I'm confused - I saw no streets paved with gold in those pictures. I've been lied to. There's probably no milk or honey there either.

No 72 "white raisins" for each martyr, either, I betcha.  *snicker*

There is a hilarious description of post-rapture heaven in Robert A. Heinlein's novel, Job; a Comedy of Justice.  Major bureaucracy, paperwork, rules, who has to sit where in the public transports, and many of the angels are pissed because they are suddenly outnumbered and overwhelmed by the incoming "rabble."  There IS Coca-Cola because Simon/Peter likes it.

Robert A. Heinlein's novel, Job; a Comedy of Justice

This book is available free as a pdf online.
There's also a Mark Twain story Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven free online which might also be good.

This is wild!  The web site has photos of Storm Lake, Iowa....the rapturist's funky little buybull-belt HOMETOWN.  LOL! 

I had an abortion in a doctor's office there in 1959!  THINK about it....in 1959 abortion was illegal in all 50 states (and no Pill was on the market, either), yet this country doctor understood the reality of unwanted pregnancies, and the necessity of dealing with them. If there's a heaven anywhere, I would send that doctor there, and leave the so-called pro-lifers to swim in Noah's flood.

Hear, hear!!! That doctor understood true morality!

Then there are people like my school friend who told me at the last election that he was against abortion because all these women were going to the clinics and using abortion in place of birth control! REALLY! How did he know? Where did he get his statistics?

It certainly wasn't from abortion clinics because their information is not public!

"Oh, boy. I'd better get control of these women's bodies coz if my mom did that I would not be here today. Gotta do sumpin."

"... coz if my mom did that ..." he/she wouldn't be around to care!!

I just looked at the "mansions."  The first thing that came to mind was my favorite line from my favorite movie (the original version of "The Producers"):  "WELL! TALK ABOUT BAD TASTE!"  And I mean the "elite" ones.

I have a feeling my mansion would be something like this.


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