Apart from the obvious, that god hates fags and our fag enabling gummints and media.

What else will be blamed by our reasonable and media savvy religious saviours ? F'rinstance, the Australian fires were caused by liberal abortion laws. What will it be this time ?

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We didn't contribute enough funds to the plate this year.


Oh, and too much masturbation.
What's "too much masturbation"?
I think it's Gawd's wrath. We eat swine, Gawd hates that, as put forth in Leviticus 11:7.

Either that or evolution. :)
This whole Swine flu issue is ridiculous, every time I hear about it, I get irritated. I mean come on there haven't even been any casualties in America yet, only the 10 sick high school kids in New York and the 100 dead in Mexico (obviously not in America). There are a lot bigger issues to concern ourselves with.

I suggest everybody panic, start running around with your arms above your heads screaming, because the evil swine will get you sick. Remember it's all in gods plan to rid the earth of the evil doers.
It does strike me that this is a news-made story. Not that the disease isn't serious or a new strain combination is troubling or that some anti virals don't work on it or that there isn't a vaccine against it or that the W.H.O is concerned it might lead to pandemic etc etc those are facts and largely uncontested.

But what I intend to target it's been the lead story for the last two-to-three days doesn't in my mind follow from the seriousness of the topic but that the speculation over the dark arts of possibility give plenty of scope for running the story. The reason I'm sceptical is this happens every damn time there's one of these outbreaks of a contagion.

The script writes itself. Measures have been put in place to restrict contact.... several cases - it's been confirmed by authorities - have been found outside the exclusion zone we cross there live now.... it's been confirmed it's the mutant strain so far only seen in Malaysia ...will the virus mutate again?... august commentators note that what this demonstrates is how ill prepared the world is if some truly serious disease did come along...Whatever next? Remember Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy? Foot and Mouth? SARS? Avian flu (because Chicken Flu doesn't sound nearly quiet so dramatic) next Swine Flu... which indeterminate species of critter will be the next source of contagion?

Not that I am arguing this shouldn't be taken seriously - it should be taken extremely seriously - but no purpose is served in propagating a climate of fear and worry, which I am increasingly persuaded the news relies on the emotionally charged story of present danger to drive it's coverage; so much so that the general public lives in a state of constant agitation over the nearest cloven mammal in 50km.

Then again, maybe I'm just grumpy this morning.....
Y'know, I could really handle 10-20% of the species getting wiped out. The rents would go down.
Oh I about fell out of my chair. That's exactly what I was thinking. I mean we wouldn't have to worry about what animal we are going to name a flu after, global warming would slow down. Hell we could even continue to drive hummer's to work because hey that's just how we roll.
Maybe it'll find its way into the holy water.

I agree that the media has blown this WAY out of proportion. However, one must consider that we've had serious flu epidemics in the not-so-distant past, like the 1918 pandemic that killed millions of people. The story does need a little coverage, but to spend hours talking about it is silly. I guess the news is slow right now.
Gwads waff cuzin dem states legelized fag mairage.
Gwad will make um pay he will.
You should try the fundamentalist-indignant-outrage-aciser conversion tool. Mere atheists can never make it sound authentic.
It all them homosexualites having too many abortions, too many women going out to work and too many dirty heathen foreigners coming over here and stealing our homosexuals.

' />

I had never heard of the swine flu before a couple of days ago. Apparently that's because we haven't had to worry about since the year I was born, yet we managed to survive it. I wonder if that was gawd's way of getting rid of disco?


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