Cancer like diabetes, hearth disease, asthma, and others is an enviromental condition rather than an viral, bacterial, or fungal disease.


Scurvy was the wrath of long distance travellers until they realized that citric fruits lasted long enough to provide them with the necessary vitamin C during their travels.

Goiter was the wrath of people far away from the sea and salt mines until it was found that sodium is an essential mineral in the human diet.

What is the key ingredient to cancer? What are we missing, or what do we have in our environment that we should not?

Please share your thoughts.

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Key ingredient is your own cells. As far as I understand, cancer is just the uncontrolled reproduction of your own cells caused by a mutation in its DNA.

Yes, that is correct, and we know many things that appear to promote the development and spread of cancer in the body, but what is the trigger?

Life is the trigger. If you knew what the trigger is and could do something about it, then you are the winner. I doubt it is common to all cancers. Some are genetic. Genetic mutations is what made us evolve so stopping mutations is not good unless you want to stop evolution.

Life sucks (sometimes and depends if you make it through without getting sick or broken) and then you die.

I am sorry that you feel that way.  Do you feel sad by the idea that such a horrible thing as cancer is completely out of your control and that life sucks?

yes, you could say I am sad there are sick and damaged people in this world that I can nothing about.

Don't just say diabetes please. Type 1 and 2 are totally different.  My son has Type 1 and it is an auto-immune disease.  Type 2 is more of a lifestyle disease.  You cannot get rid of type 1 without a cure.  You can do much about type 2 yourself, even reverse it sometimes.  My sons peds endo thinks he was pre-disposed to it, and it was triggered by hand/foot/and mouth disease (a virus they think causes it).  Sorry, I'm really sensitive to people just saying 'diabetes' like it's all the same thing.

That being said, there are way more cases of type 1 as well lately and it may be something in the environment triggering it.  Sad.

My good friend was just told last week she has uterine cancer.  Her Facebook page has everyone on it already with the "praying for you" crap.  If her god knows she has cancer wouldn't he/she/it take it away if he/she/it wanted without all the begging.

As to your question, I think the environment is going to hell in a handbasket, and that is causing or triggering many diseases such as many different cancers.  As far as what the trigger is, who knows?  Everything bad that is going wrong with the environment?  All the crap that's put in our food?  All the garbage that seeps into our soil and is put into our air?  I don't think anyone can pinpoint one thing. 

If her god knows she has cancer wouldn't he/she/it take it away if he/she/it wanted without all the begging.

Why would he when he gave it to her in the first place?

Susan, I am not getting your posts. 

I am saying why should he respond to prayers to take away the cancer when he gave her cancer in the first place.

Exactly Susan.  Religious people have excuses for that though.  Like 'god' didn't cause the cancer, people did with hurting the environment, etc. because they have free-will.  So they pray to their god and sometimes the cancer goes away, and sometimes it doesn't, and still they worship this wonderful 'god'.

Did accidentally click the "stop following" link?

You are right Susan.


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