Although I have mixed feelings about arid landscapes such as the southwestern region of the US, I do really like cacti and succulents. There is just something about the uniqueness of their forms, their ways of adapting to their environment, and their prickly way of saying “don’t mess with me!” IDK, maybe it’s also because I have such a prickly personality!

Anyway, I used to have quite a few cacti when I was in college, but I lost many of them to an outbreak of black rot, and I haven’t messed with them since.

I’ve recently been working on putting some landscaping info together for my condo HOA, and that has reignited my interest in growing cacti and succulents.

I’ve recently bought four (these are not my photos, just examples I found online):

A Clothed Opuntia – Opuntia vestita


A Kalanchoe Panda Plant – Kalanchoe tomentosa


A Zanzibar Aloe – Aloe zanzibarica


A Split Rock – Pleiospilos neii



Is there anyone here who loves cacti and succulents, too?



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Not sure about that - but it does make a beautiful hanging basket.

Dallas has done it again. This one is called a Kalanchoe Maternity plant. Here are some pics. The little round things you see on the end of the leaves are babies (spores/seedlings?). Apparently they drop off and fall to the ground where they grow into new plants. Rather unique way of reproducing, I think. These photos don't match mine exactly, but it's close.



And got one of these, a torch cactus, or tricocerus grandiflorus.


I passed a house today with this prickly pear in their yard. They had one on each side. It had to be over 6 ft tall. I never knew they could get that big. I can only guess at its age.


I love that!

I had them in my yard for a few years then there was a hard freeze followed by rains and they rotted out.  The flowers were beautiful.  They didn't have edible fruits, and they were too woody for nopales, so I gave up/.

Those are huge. Unbelievable.

Maybe the men are just small?

Pachycereus Pringlei on the left, unnamed Opuntia on the right.

Everything else is doing well and even showing new growth. Nothing dead so far.

I am not a cactus growing and enjoy seeing all the varieties you have and enjoy!. Thanks. 

that was very cool - enjoying all the pictures and posts


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