Although I have mixed feelings about arid landscapes such as the southwestern region of the US, I do really like cacti and succulents. There is just something about the uniqueness of their forms, their ways of adapting to their environment, and their prickly way of saying “don’t mess with me!” IDK, maybe it’s also because I have such a prickly personality!

Anyway, I used to have quite a few cacti when I was in college, but I lost many of them to an outbreak of black rot, and I haven’t messed with them since.

I’ve recently been working on putting some landscaping info together for my condo HOA, and that has reignited my interest in growing cacti and succulents.

I’ve recently bought four (these are not my photos, just examples I found online):

A Clothed Opuntia – Opuntia vestita


A Kalanchoe Panda Plant – Kalanchoe tomentosa


A Zanzibar Aloe – Aloe zanzibarica


A Split Rock – Pleiospilos neii



Is there anyone here who loves cacti and succulents, too?



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Okay, I've been buying more cacti and succulents. I'm outta control. Here's my entire current collection. Some are from last year. These are not my photos.


Austrocylindropuntia subulata


Coral Reef Chinese sedum


Espostoa lantana


Euphoribia cereformis


Gator aloe


Green wheel sempervivium


Mammillaria fragilis


Mammillaria hahniana


Mammillaria mystax


Mammillaria pilcayensis


Notocactus magnificans


Opuntia microdasys


Opuntia subulata vestita (Clothed Opuntia)


Oreocereus trollii


Senecio medley woodii

Dallas, those are all beautiful selections.  I went through a cactus phase but then got hooked on orchids.  I do have some Sempervivum (is the plural Semperviva?) in my yard - the flourish here.  I would love to grow nopales, but my climate is too wet.  Also I have lots of Sedums (pleural Seda?) which also like it here.

I bet you could get nopales to grow indoors, near a warm window. I bought another sedum the other day too, but it didn't have a name so I didn't post it here. I hope it does well, too.

My Notocactus magnificans bloomed today. The color is so vivid it won't even photograph correctly. The petals are also translucent, which you can see if you look at the edges of the flower. Has a mild odor that is familiar and earthy, but I can't say what it is like.


That's amazing!  Cactus flowers are so vivid!

This one closed every night and then opened again in the morning. Then yesterday a second flower bloomed, but then the first one died away.

Echeveria - Jerusalem Rose

Those are pretty. Haven't tried to grow one yet. The nursury had echeveria pulvinata the other day, which was beautiful, but I didn't get one. I'm not that great at succulents yet.


I've got too much shade to be able to do well growing succulents (or much of anything) so these plants are from work.Cissus quadrangularis - Veldt Grape

I don't think I've heard of this one, Michael.

It's rare and took me several months to ID it. We have several around the garden center, but no one remembered its name.

Here's a Rhipsalis we got in this week, but I haven't the full Latin on it yet.

Looks like it could be a good ground cover.


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