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Masturbation in the animal kingdom.

By Daniel EngberPosted Thursday, July 16, 2009, at 2:56 PM ET

Isn't it wonderful when science and religion come together? My Slate colleague William Saletan points out that a recent paper has laid the groundwork for a pro-life defense of onanism. According to obstetrician David Greening, a rigorous program of daily masturbation can actually improve sperm quality in men with fertility problems. (Samples collected at the end of the program showed less DNA damage and higher sperm motility than samples from control subjects.) Since masturbation can help you have babies, Saletan argues, it must also serve the "procreative and unitive purposes" described in the Catechism. [continued]

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Bats aren't blind....(I've worked with bats,they can definitely see and move their eyes to follow tweezers holding a tasty meal worm.)
Christian brand science? Oh jolly good! I had no idea there was such a thing.
Thanks Goz. I, of course, have no idea about bats and will happily accept your greater knowledge.

Christian brand science brought us the ever amusing Intelligent Design and Hovind's Ice Shield.
Oh yeah"intelligent" design...Heard of that..Ice Shield,now that's something new.
Not even do animals not go blind,you never see animals even wearing glasses.
Well, god will send jesus as a cat and you'll see cats won't masturbate anymore! Same with parrots, turtles, etc...


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