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I was wondering how the Atheist community felt about this. I know that a lot of you don't care for Christians, or Christian music/books, etc...

There's an LDS bookstore my mom often goes to. I hate being in there, being seen, and I don't want to buy anything (LDS or otherwise) because I don't want to give them the business. Is this ethical?

Obviously it's a person's choice what they purchase and where, so is it that simple? If you refuse to purchase an item that you would have if the shop was not religious, is that bigotry?

What if the shop isn't affiliated with a religion, but is privately owned and covered in religious paraphernalia? What if it's a gas station playing religious sermons? (I've had that experience...)

What if it's a charity for a cause you believe in-- with religious ties?

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I decided a long time ago not to support religions. You have a choice about what you buy, where you buy it, and from whom. I'm an avid crafter, and I have stopped going to Hobby Lobby, first of all because the constant barrage of Christian music just runs me out of there. Besides, there is a Michael's and a Joann's very close. Joann's has decided to actually cater to me with their music. It's probably manipulative, too; in fact, I'm sure it is, because after about 10 minutes I find myself singing or humming along with their music, probably targeted to my (female) age group, the most likely people to be hanging around the yarn in a sewing store. But they are at least not preaching at me - just making me comfortable. So why should I take my business to a place that sings to me about Jesus? Lots of other people like to sing along with that, so it all works out.

Another problem with dealing with Christian businesses is that my husband and I both have had enough unpleasant experiences of being taken advantage of, lied to, and cheated by businesses that go to the trouble to advertise themselves as Christian, with the fish, or bible verses, that we just avoid them.

Of course, there's no way to totally avoid it. I think I mostly find myself actively avoiding the ones that actively irritate me. If they don't shove it in my face, then I don't know, and it's not an issue.


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