This chick is great. Hits so many nails on the head I stopped counting. Wonderful stuff.

Boobie Rant: A Defining Moment

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Haha! That's hysterical and there is in fact a good point (excuse the inadvertent pun) in the rant. :-).
Several good points, yes I was entranced while laughing my ass off. Thanks for sharing
I love her! This is fantastic!

Thanks for sharing.
I like boobs
Amazing the stupid things people get their knickers in a twist about. Like people who get upset when a woman is breastfeeding (discreetly, no less) in public.
Too funny.... :-)
All those nasty e-mails came from flat chested little shrews!!
Yeah,they are just jealous cause they don't have a nice set.
Booby envy.
Really? Did you read all of them and do a sex check?
If it weren't for the singing I would have watched completely.
Yeah. The singing...
A foot?


I don't get it.


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