The extent to which my MIL is rabidly xtian is legendary by now. She's got the entire family on board- her husband, their kids, who married and begat more xtians. All but my husband, luckily.

She and my SIL always include a biblical quote at the bottom of their emails and in all correspondence. Tonight, got an email from my niece, who also had one as her signature! Ay caramba.

Figured, why not include some of my own favorites? They would be shocked to see me quoting the bible...... until they actually READ the quotes. Here's a favorite:

"God said, 'You shall not eat of the fruit of the tree lest you die'......But the serpent said, 'You will not die, for when you eat the fruit your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.' So when she saw that the tree was good for food, and that it made one wise, she took of the fruit and ate it."

Chances are, it'll go right over their heads. All they would see is "Genesis" and some numbers and yaddayaddayadda.

Never mind that right off the bat, the first thing God ever said to a human was an outright lie, and the first truth was from the serpent (presumably, Satan.) Humans have been punished ever since on account of Eve's thirst for knowledge.

Then I could mix it up with some of the more violent ones, like Judges 19:22-29 (about hacking up the concubine into 12 pieces) and Genesis 19:4-8 (about raping virgin girls) and Matthew 10: 34-35 (about how Jesus was all "you're either for me or against me," turn against your own family.)

Yeah, that would go over well!! 

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I was told (when it came up once in sunday school) that it was ok because they were married. But we shouldn't read it until we were older because we wouldn't understand it so just move along. But that it also was about the marriage of jesus and the church (who's bowels are moving? jesus'? or the church?). So confusing.

What I find amazing is how much the xtians hate the Koran and it's call for the heads of the 'infidel'.  Even a brief perusal of the Bibble supplies an extraordinary amount of similiar phrases.  I tried to get through it again some time ago (the Bibble) and before I even got to Leviticus I was appalled by the sheer hatred of "Others" portrayed. The Bibble is an exercise in intolerance and groupthink.  The damage this book has done is incalculable.


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