(Pertaining to Christianity and Catholicism.)

Has anyone ever received a satisfactory answer (from a believer) of how Hell and a Benevolent God can be compatible? The more I think about that one, the more the problem of evil pales in comparison. That would be one monster of a god if it existed, worthy of nothing but contempt.

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As a recovering mythological fantasy delusionist (religious) I can attest to how long, hard and painful it is to recover from a belief in religion or any cult that seeks to make you look outside of yourself to find peace, Truth and Reality or forces you to accept fantasy as reality. We must first find ourselves and our inner consciousness before looking out into physical reality. Nothing fails like prayer and the reason is all the god myths are man made/invented fantasy and mythology. Until the real awaking happens…and I see some beginnings of it…the world will continue to be plagued by mythological believing religious supremest, war mongering, genocidal, criminally deluded organizations. I feel so sorry for the religious deluded that truly believe in the farce fantasy of religions. Understanding mythology is not that hard once you realize that in the old days that was the way they communicated…myth stories. The meaning/message is hidden in the story. True believers in mythology as realities miss the whole point and become mislead by their own good natures. Living in the belittling deception, creates great internal pain and hate for the world around them, as they try to burn everyone in hell in support of their delusions. Very sad.

sk1951, you are exactly correct. As for Steve Earley talking about Jesus and hell, I might add that originally "hell" was the garbage dump outside the city. If you didn't do right gawd would be done with you, and just burn you up. End of story, you are dead. The grave (gehenna) is also called "hell" and people wanted to be saved from there. Gawd, don't leave us here. Give us eternal life.

Now we look at the fact that that garbage dump outside the city was always burning and on fire, and the believers came to a conclusion that those in hell would burn forever. It followed that you would be in great pain and beg for even one drop of water. You would burn forever. (How ignorant.)

But, such is what happens when you believe the god myth.


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