Thinking about when I felt that I was, in the fullest meaning of the word, an atheist. I felt that some sort of new freedom had come over me!  It felt so wonderful!

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I am new.  My first post and, hooray, I notice that I was able to post something, but I'm not up to continuing to do anything else. Maybe later.  Off to bed!

Welcome Jerry!  Look around for some groups to join!  You will feel at home here soon!~ Mindy

I'm 67 and first realizing that I had become atheist was awesome! I really do have more freedom than I have ever had before in every aspect. Strip away the myth and death doesn't even have any fear because being dead has to be pretty much like it was before you were born. Just live the best you can, treat people fairly, and enjoy the time you are here.

I do have some drawbacks though. I've studied religion and phenomena with a very open mind. I used to like sci fi, aliens, ancient history speculations, horror films of all types, Magick and sorcery, other worlds, other universes, ect., etc. I've studied everything but today can only watch forensic programs of varying types and good documentaries. Here's an example of why.

Recently I tried to watch "The Conjouring." I made it through 5 minutes and then gave up. Tried it again later and made it through 16 minutes and gave up. Hell, there just is not any evidence. This is all stupid now.

On the good side I can still watch Superman, Batman, Thor, and Captain America. Shows like that are OK I suppose because nobody ever claimed they were true. Once upon a time they claimed that Thor was  "true" and a real god, but not many today can identify with that. Even so, where is Thor when you really need him?

Welcome, Jerry.

Jerry, Welcome to Atheist Nexus!

I am new too.  This is my first post and I like what I see so far here.

Harry, welcome to you too!  If you have questions about how the site works, feel free to ask.  I am an old timer.

Welcome Harry!  Join right in!  I'm Mindy :)

Congratulations on your freedom Jerry.  I felt similar when I became fully atheist about 10 years ago.  Free from fear of death.  Free from fear of satan.  Free from fear that I would not be with my family in heaven.  Free from guilt because I could not be "perfect", as the church defined it.  Free to study the truth without interference from religion.

Jerry, finding people who share a value system gives me comfort, and more importantly, a community! This is a rich and rewarding place to share, learn, and grow. Freedom means a great deal to me, as well. Welcome to the group. 


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