Because Men and Women Had Shameful Same Sex Lusts, God Created Them as Gay and Lesbian (Please Pick Me Up Off the Floor When I Quit Laughing)

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What if you prefer to worship NOTHING?!?

[BTW, I'm not much down with show tunes OR interior decorating ... which doesn't change the fact that I'm still bisexual!]

Me, too.

I couldn't watch the whole thing.  Unfortunately, on the internet anyone can claim to know all about anything without actually knowing or thinking.  Most don't even try.

Can't you at least admit that it is a funny take on the subject of Romans 1?

Is it me or was the person in the video a transgender?  She  sounded   like a man  and  had  an adams  apple..Not that  it matters just  wondering.....She did make  sense  questioning  the bible  about  god  punishing  men  for being  gay.....Just goes  to show how ridiculous the bible  can be...

I have no idea. Ann Coulter is a transgender and she's not an atheist.

OMG   are you sure  Ann Coulter is a transgender ?......That  is  mind  boggling .....She  is definitely  not an Atheist...A fundamentalist  if I ever saw one.. 

I don't see anything about that from a Google search, James.  You pulling our collective legs here?

The person in the video is Zinnia Jones, a rather famous transgender, atheist and YouTube vlogger.

Thank you Loren.....I was just  curious......I agreed  with  what she  said....

After answering this post I went on to watch several Zinnia Jones bits on You Tube, and this person has it all pretty well together. Makes perfect atheist sense to me.

I thought so, too, Michael.


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