Evolution of Barack Obamahair.

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Obama is the first president in my lifetime that I can say I truly admired and loved.  There have been disappointments, but sometimes even on those I've seen brilliance.  Possibly even in the Syria crisis, which I had strong misgivings about - we have no soldiers on the ground there, no missiles fired, and Assad backed down and agreed to give up his chemical weapons.  In a situation I thought could only turn out very bad, now this looks like an incremental improvement instead.

As for his appearance?  He could look a lot of ways, it would not bother me.  He's a middle aged man, whose hair is graying and who is probably happy not to be wasting his time on grooming his hair.  No stopping of flights on a runway for an expensive and silly haircut session.  Seems like a sign of maturity and good judgement.  He also sets an example of discipline to the armed forces, as the commander in chief.

I've had a buzz cut for 25 years.  When I cut it, it is always a relief and feels good.  The start of the day is easier.

I get my hair cut very short in the past few years, too.  I let it grow out until it starts looking bad, then go back and get almost all of it taken off again. 

I envy the freedom guys have to shave their heads.  If I did that, people would be asking me if I had cancer and generally treating me weirdly.  I don't know if I could get by with a buzz cut :) 

He's a middle aged man, whose hair is graying and who is probably happy not to be wasting his time on grooming his hair.

There is probably also a racial aspect.  There's a great deal of image management that is crucial for as public a person as the president (obviously!)  Obama got elected partly because both black and white people could see themselves in him.  

I look at people's facial expressions more than their hair, myself.  Probably most people do. 

Yes, Obama seems extremely capable.  And very good at keeping his balance. 

You can see all the President's age quickly over the years.  Imagine the pressure!  Except W.  He didn't really have to do much, and he didn't seem to age much in my opinion.  I'm sure Cheney and his team did all the real work.  Just my 2 cents.


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