on one hand, the fact that a person like her has been elected to the US Congress (more than once, even) lends credence to her claim.  on the other hand, it would be nice to not have to save for retirement.  

seriously though, if we're counting on people like Michelle Bachman to understand why we need to raise the debt ceiling we may be in more trouble than we thought.  i imagine that a global economic crisis would support her (batshit crazy) thesis.  

Bachman is a Dominionist.  and she's not alone in Congress.  would it be a stretch for those true believers to deliberately crash the world economy to bring about Jesus' return?  i do not think that it is.  

i'm starting to get worried.  

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Larry, i agree w/ your synopsis.  let's hope we survive long enough. 

Mel, someone else here called you Mel :)

Matt, see Carl and Larry saw that you call me Mel, and he called me Mel!  Oh no!  I just became Mindy on here!  You will have to sign your messages to me "Sincerely, the only person EVER who has called you Mel." ;)

By what name should you be called? I apologize for any offense.

No big deal Larry! lol, Mindy is fine.  Or booklover. ;)

I also agree with you Larry.  I have much more faith in the younger generation because they are LESS religious.  The older, lunatic fringe will not go away quietly, but Rationality will eventually prevail.  

Relax, Mel.  :) 

Carl, I'm glad you and Larry have faith in the younger generation!  I really hope you both are right!!! 

Matt is the only person EVER in my life who called me Mel, so I told him he has to call me that. lol.  ~ Mindy

I will stick to Mindy.  :)

LOL Carl, it was just funny to me when Matt called me Mel one day.  NO ONE has ever called me that.  So then I told him I was never Melinda, only Mindy, he said he felt like calling me Mindy now.  I said NO, HE had to call me Mel! ha ha. I'm going to have so many names here on AN no one will know who I am!

There's "Me! Lin! Da!"  


lol SB!

I am 71 years old. I know I won't live long enough to see the whole issue become moot, yet I have no doubt that religion is in the way out. It has to be. I spend a lot of time with young people and find them mostly open minded. I raised two atheist kids and I'm sure their children will be raised with the same ideals.

Mindy--Don't feel selfish for bringing them into this world. That's a part of reproduction and is normal. Look at the alternative as to them NOT being in this world. It makes you very glad and happy that they are here.


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