About three days ago, I joined a Facebook group called Godless and Proud of It. Let me just say that, after a few days of putting up posts explaining how atheists should represent themselves to a world of believers to the best effect, I discovered that this group was more of a hate group than anything, where any and everything goes. It is my belief that most in that group are not true atheists, that with them atheism is just the big new thing. And perhaps many of them begrudgingly accept the non-existence of God, as if they're actually angry at God. It was a group full of vulgarity and mostly sex talk and in-fighting. They acted more like the shit slinging proto-apes both we and the other apes diverged from than atheists interested in  making the world a better place for all. I quit the group and reported them for harassment, because they had some pretty nasty things to say in response to my reasoned arguments.

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me too.

There's an endless supply of insults online. 

It takes no thought almost to insult someone.  It says NOTHING about the validity of what you say.  The "meaning" of shit-slinging seems to be the struggle over who defines the social norms. 

In these online places that anyone from any culture can go to, there aren't established social norms.  Maybe that's why it's so vicious online, often.  It's like a pack of dogs that don't know each other, nipping at each other and fighting. 

Youtube is a cesspool of shit-slinging.  So to speak :)

Youtube is a cesspool of shit-slinging. Luara, you got that right!!

wow, thanks the heads up

Makes me think of this Youtube comment re-enactment.

Warning.  Language Not Safe For Work.



I didn't follow it so I watched the next episode and still don't get it.

It might take having a dry, dark, somewhat bitter sense of humor.  I thought this was so funny, I almost lost it.

I watched the first episode looking for a bit of grounding, a theme, a synopsis or some explanation of what the characters are about but didn't get much further with it. I am still curious and might tune in again, later.

Daniel, we've got the same sense of humor then. I found it hysterical.


lol XD

Yeh, but it sounds like good fun. I'm going to join the group. I'll see if I can sort them out.

I couldn't find it on Facebook. Do you have the link ?


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