Atheists launch grassroots campaign to get unbelievers to `come out’

SO INCREDIBLY PROUD!!! My amazing wife, Amanda Brown, just had a story published about her and our campaign in Religion News Service. The Washington Post and several other major papers have already picked up on it... I'm sure more will soon.


We encourage you all to take part. Get your local groups to have a "SHOOT YOUR VIDEO NIGHT"!


STAND UP. Speak Out. Be Counted!












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You american Atheists have it worse over there I think. In the UK, most christians are just the dusty old church goers and most are happy to live and let live. You guys seem to have a dangerous infestation of faith healers both deluded and con-artists.
I wish you all the luck in the world, hopefully we'll get an Atheist political party here soon too.

ADAM, you have sent a wonderful reply to my discussion on 'Whither Atheism'. I was delighted by  your words 'We are winning". I once again offer my best wishes to the success of you and your atheist friends in their struggle against the American believers. Remind them that Christianity also suffered persecution and won in the end. Now it is the turn of atheists to win. Christianity offered a better belief system compared to the Greek-Roman pagan religion and so it won. Today atheism is offering a much better and rational belief and, without any doubt, it is going to win. The Christians are irrational and in the end, they are going to loose. Adam, please convey my greetings to your adorble wife.


Very nice of you to say. We are trying, everyday, to change things. Keep supporting us and our sites ( and

Thank you for the kind words... we have partnered with Atheist Nexus and Richard Dawkins Foundation. With help, we will be at the Reason Rally in DC next year. David Silverman, president of American Atheists, supports us and said we could speak on stage there. Look for big things next year from both our sites ( is the other).

This is wonderful.  Thank you for speaking- out and being brave.  I'm so tired of religious people just talking about 'god' as if it's a fact and not expecting anyone to disagree with them.  I say what I can when I can, but sometimes it seems like there are just so damn MANY of them!!!  I am going to start speaking-up more.  I owe it to the rest of the Atheists out there.  Thanks!!!

You can start here: Come out and speak out on our site..I look forward to getting your video and/or essay soon. We'll email you a link when it's up so you will always have a page online that tells your story that you can share with current and future friends and family.


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