I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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Atheist Census’ back online after hacker attack

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 05:40 AM PST

Atheist Alliance International reports that its Atheist Census, an attempt to count the world’s atheists, is now back online after hackers took it down more than a week ago.

“It seems that there are people who do not want atheists to be counted, who do not want to accept that as more people question and think critically about religion atheists are a growing demographic. It is a measure of the project’s success – even at this early stage – that some people wanted to shut it down,” Carlos Diaz, the organization’s president, said in a prepared statement.

The group launched the census on Dec. 7 and it fell to a Denial of Service attack about 17 hours later. At the time that the census site was attacked, about 8,800 people had completed the survey, with another 2,300 pending.

Participation in the Atheist Census is free. Since the return of the site, about 20,000 total people have submitted their information to the effort, which is attempting to collect demographic information about atheists throughout the world, including their education levels, age, gender identity and country.

The Atheist Census can be found at http://www.atheistcensus.com/

Hey, Alex. I don't know about a Reason Rally but there's this: http://atheists.org/convention2013

My daughter and I are dying to go but no matter how I look at it, I simply can't afford it.

I will be in Austin for the convention myself. If I would have known sooner we could have hared the room and cut expenses a bit. I am guessing you have a room already as I do.

I'm in Louisville, KY, a shockingly liberal oasis in a sea of bible-thumpin' crazy!

Yes, my state is responsible for Mitch McConnell, but we here in Louisville gave you John Yarmurth, too! That has to count for something!

I'm from Broadwater, Nebraska. I represent the voters of the village (as I am an openly-atheistic city councilman, erotic Romance novel editor, and disabled Navy veteran).

I live in Loxahatchee, Flori duh.

Michael, welcome to AN from a former Flori duhn(dian) now in Calif where we have earthquakes but fewer bugs and snakes(like your current gov.)

I knew of the Pithlachascotie River(not sure of the sp), Panacea and Two Egg, but not Loxahatchee.

Loxahatchee is one of those places dug out of the everglades that should have never been developed, but it was.  It is about 15 miles west of Palm Beach. My home is near Lion Country Safari which makes for a jungle type experience listening to the lions roar though the trees.  Some things we have that you mentioned is plenty of bugs and snakes in government, but this last election made a slight improvement. Thanks for the welcome.

Michael, I live in Hobe Sound, Florida on the SE coast.One of these days I want to go to the lion County Safari. I have been stuck in my own square so long I never got around to do much of anything.

I'm from the North of France.

Newton le Willows,  England

I'm from Yorkshire,  England . will it rain forty days and forty nights , seems that already 


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