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I've been thinking about getting an Atheist tattoo and my wife is worried about possible hate crimes.  Anyone ever heard of something like that?  I love in Indiana and as anywhere in this country there are some strong willed Christians.  I'm hoping someone has some feedback on how it might effect how other parents treat me and my kids, work environment if others see it, etc.

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I'm too young for tattoos, but I wouldn't do it. Imagine how squiggly the A would be when you're 80! It'd look like a 3 year old scribbled it on your arm. That aside, it'd probably be better to be cautious. Fundies can get pretty crazy out there.
Well, if they identify it as an Atheist mark, they will probably treat you differently if they didn't already know you were Atheist. Probably in no way that they wouldn't treat you already if you just TOLD them, so it's not the tattoo itself. I'd really like a scarlet A tattoo, but somewhere very inconspicuous that nobody will see unless I make a point to show them. :)
I am considering the same thing and may detail myself with the "Happy Human" symbol. It is the less... "militant"... of the atheist symbols and I am a huge follower of the humanist philosophy. I guess you have to consider how well you will take an inflammatory reaction and (like any tattoo) is this something you will want to carry with you for the rest of your life. I think if you are well-prepared to address any confrontation then by all means go for it.
I have been trying to work up the courage to get a "Happy Human" tattoo...too.  lol  I just can't decide where to put it. Besides that, I don't like needles and pain. :)
Do you have tattoos already or is this your first?  I'm in the same situation.  I want to have an Atheist tattoo as well.  I wonder if most people would even know what the "A" means.  I'm sure I'd get more questions, than hate spewed at me.  Still on the fence here.  Good luck in deciding.  :)

I would be nervous about having one but I have been an atheist for many years and just recently realized we even have a symbol. I am sure you will be okay against hate crimes because not many will even know its meanings. Congratulations on wanting to stand up to who you are.  


I just got a happy human tattoo yesterday. I live in a very religious little town in south georgia

Nice.  Do religious folk even know what it is? 

Shoulder blade or Calf - easily covered & easily accessible.


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