April Fool's day is perfect. In every way.

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I move to make April 1st an Atheist holiday. Let's mobilise!
Like I said in the thread -

Should be a Larson cartoon - saint Peter at the Pearly Gates, "April FOOL!!! HAHA!!!"
While April fools day is funny I think that we should research what days certain theories were proven and have a thread for it on those days for education. After all isn't finding and knowing the truth what we are about?
Yes its funny. But I also believe it is totally appropriate. The billions over the centuries that have been fooled into insane beliefs. I don't make this suggestion as a joke - I'm deadly serious about it. I have found no atheists I know in person that think this is a bad idea.
Didn't think it was a bad idea just think we could do better. Least that was my reasoning. After reasoning further I see the appeal and you have a new supporter on this idea.
Actually, no its not. Being an atheist is about not believing in God. Pure and simple and nothing else. I don'te like it when I hear atheists say such things. Partly because it sounds pretentios and partly because it sounds fluffy, and without substance.
it does indeed...The down side is the fools won't get it...
But yeah,we need a holiday with special food,special music,the whole nine yards.
I suggest tacos, I like tacos
April 1st is a brilliant idea. To put a significance to a irreverent day is perfect.

Silly tradition parodies, atheist songs, and literature from the great free thinkers by the fireplace.
Well, looks like we need to start a movement.
I personally would rather have it on February 12th, because that is Darwin's Birthday. This will also be the 200th birthday in 2009.
I like this idea much better!


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