Atheist Diaspora: Separating the Atheist from the believers?

Do you ever feel that we should just withdraw from the world and create our own society somewhere? What would happen if we just removed all our support and left the planet to to the believers?

I guess I am just tired of arguing today.

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I see that most atheists are frustrated because of the strong pro-religion inclination of America. Let us take that a litttle coolly and concentrate on other parts of the world. We may not find things so difficult elsewhwre. America will follow suit, sooner or later. There is no need to feel frustrated.

I do warn my kids, who are young adults, to be careful though.  There are some real loons out there.

All you have to do is read some of the threats being made against Jessica Ahlquist to know the truth of that.

I don't think everyone would get along, and some of the same problems would exist, but not as much as here and now. For instance, arguments would end in the two parties choosing not to speak, or even acknowledge each other, instead of gunning someone down. There would be groups within the large atheism group, sort of like here. The public schools would kick ass. We'd have our own form of churches with guest speakers. We might even catch xtians trying to sneak into this wonderful society, and we'd allow it only if they made a video application saying why our society is better than a religious one:) Why do you excite me with this stuff?


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