Atheist Diaspora: Separating the Atheist from the believers?

Do you ever feel that we should just withdraw from the world and create our own society somewhere? What would happen if we just removed all our support and left the planet to to the believers?

I guess I am just tired of arguing today.

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Dee Neely

Science is barely 600 years old and religions are thousands of years old and still, science has won significant victories agaist religions in a small time. We have never seen and will never see religion winnig aginst science, again because science is truth and religion is imagination. Science is going to progress very fast in the coming years, our lives are already heavily dependent on science and technology and their influence on our lives is going to be so much more that no one will be able to deny what science says. Already there are several reasons to doubt existance of god,and soon,  it will be known for what it is :a myth. Let us not remain in doubt. I am an optimist who implicitly trusts science.     

I also trust science.  I just don't believe that the religious-zealots will ever let go of their pretend.  You can't fix dumb.

I am absolutely not advocating violence, but can I quote a favorite character:

River Tam: Put a bullet to me. Bullet in the brain pan. Squish.

Or maybe Robert Heinlein:

Stupidity cannot be cured with money, or through education, or by legislation. Stupidity is not a sin, the victim can't help being stupid. But stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death, there is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity

Yo may feel frustrated if you are expecting changes within our lifetime but if you can see farther, then you may become optimistic. There two things that favour atheism in the long run. 1. Atheism is truth and absolute trth and it can not be suppressed for all the time to come.

2.Science. Let us not forget that it is science that is illuminating the truth. Nobody will fail to see the truth so illuminated by science.

I give religion another 100 to 200 years. That's all they have.

What I am really concerned with is what will happen during my kids' lifetime.  I wish I had your optimism.  I believe idiots will ruin the world before good change could even happen.  There are just too many of them.


Cheer up! Have you read that the Pope is seriously worried about the spreading of secularism in America and about the totally secular Europe? Have you read Adam Brown's message in one of my discussions that the younger generation in America is getting influenced by Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennett etc and is becoming atheist? There is still hope and a lot of it. Don't be so frustrated.  

Me, too. I don't see any major changes in the direction of adoption of atheist thought in America. The state of Kentucky, right above me, approved a massive tax break for a creationist park while making major cuts to higher education.

Ark Encounter, Kentucky Creationist Theme Park, Gets Generous Tax B...

Wise words Mr. Moss!  I like your attitude.

I really think space travel is the only way for humanity and it's offshoots to survive for more than the next 1000 years. I think being non-religious would be the norm in any space colony and clinic immortality would most certainly herald the end of most of the current forms of religion. I also don't think of separation as defeat, but I guess that is just me.

Will Faithless Sophia

I think we should wait for the religion to die its natural death. It would be horrible to carry religion in to outers pace on our backs!!

I am sorry to notice a kind of frustration among most atheists. Howewr, I also find that almost all new atheists are young persons and I think this is a sign of hope. Let us not frustrate them by our pessimism.

One of the things an atheist must do is be willing to accept the truth even when it conflicts with personal hopes. It isn't a matter of optimism or pessimism, but reality. I don't consider looking at the very real difficulties in overcoming religions hold on humanity as being pessimistic.


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