On October 5th, 2012, Seth Andrews joined a group of skeptics for a tour of Kentucky's infamous Creation Museum. These are the Top Ten Lessons he took away from that experience.  



This makes me sad for the children and outrage at the ignorant, pathetic parents who allow their children to to be brainwashed with this anti-science, anti-reason, and their "just forget it god did it" religious bullshit. 

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Just say "no" to learning nonsense.

Yeah they brainwash kids young. Most religions do that though. They have to get you indoctrinated young so that you "grow up in the faith." Sometimes the brainwashing doesn't stick - or you break free from it. Which is the case for me - I broke free.

I think I'd get kicked-out of the creationist museum for using profanity and laughing hysterically!

Yeah I would be laughing to at all the fairytale nonsense.

They would kick us out.

We could get kicked out together!  lol  Then we could all go have coffee and a good laugh.

That would be nice Booklover! We could all go and have coffee and laugh about the so called museum.
I wouldn't last either, I wouldn't be able to stop laughing! Don't get me wrong, I have a son and the brainwashing disgusts me, but a creation "museum" lmfao!
Sounds like a cool book to read Jonathan.

And scary too Jonathan!

In 2009 Seventy leading paleontologists toured the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky.  





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